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Our Mission & Vision

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Springfield Partners for Community Action’s mission is to utilize and provide resources that assist people in need to obtain economic stability, ultimately creating a better way of life.

Helping people become productive, financially self-sufficient citizens ultimately enhances the quality of life of everyone in Springfield. We achieve this by ensuring the basic needs of our neighbors; shelter, food, healthcare and education- are met, and by helping families lift themselves up.

It is the vision of Springfield Partners for Community Action to become the most prominent local nonprofit organization in Springfield and the surrounding community. It will provide assistance to anyone in need. Springfield Partner will be the first step in making the Greater Springfield area a better, happier, and more peaceful place to live. 

Springfield Partners objective is to transform its facility into a One-Stop center. We are growing with the needs of the community. With this initiative we seek to empower low-income families of our community by offering more financial services and education programs to help them achieve economic stability and bring them back on their feet.

We continue building and strengthening partnerships with non-profits, businesses, and individuals to be more efficient and proactive in offering short and long term solutions to the deserving residents of our community.

Currently, one in four Springfield residents lives in poverty. The city has one of the highest child poverty rates in the country: 44 percent. One in four adult residents has dropped out of school and lack high school diplomas. We provide free of cost program services to these low to moderate income individuals and families to help them improve their quality of lives.