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Weatherization Assistance



Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) saves residents money by helping keep homes warm or cool; cuts heating and cooling costs; and makes homes more energy-efficient. Contractors can install weather-stripping to doors and windows; insulate hot water tanks, attics and walls; and provide a heating system analysis. The resulting savings to a household’s heating and cooling budget averages $400 a year. WAP provides energy conservation services such as insulation, interior storm windows, weather stripping, and pipe and duct wrap to renters and homeowners in Hampden County. WAP works in conjunction with the utility companies to provide these services.

Priority is given to households with elderly, disabled, and young children. Tenants and homeowners are eligible for these services. Nearly 1,000 homes were serviced during the past year.

We help residents of Hampden County save on bills by making homes more energy efficient. Contractors can install weather-stripping to doors and windows, insulate hot water tanks, attics, and walls, and provide a heating analysis.

Payments are made directly to the fuel vendor or utility company.

Participants must:

  • Provide Statement of the economic hardship, and proof of Springfield residency
  • Meet income guidelines
  • And attend a workshop on conserving energy and household budgeting.

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Download: Weatherization Brochure